Smart Mobility in China from a legal point of view

Smart Mobility in China from a legal point of view

Published on September 23, 2016

Sharing Economy is a reality in China, probably more than anywhere else in the world. And one of the life and business field where this has the biggest impact is mobility.

This was the topic of yesterday’s event organized by CICC – China Italy Chamber of Commerce Shanghai. Among the speakers, Jean Claude ZHANG, the Founder of KARNET, the unique provider of carpooling management services through mobile platform in China and I.

Many are the different services in the field of taxi business, from carsharing to carpooling and carhailing; for this reason, the Chinese government is starting to regulate this business with new regulations that will come into force next November 1st. It will focus on regulating the new online-booking taxi business (also “Zhuanche/专车”), and specifying the requirements for the online taxi-booking platform companies, vehicles and drivers, and the operational activity, and also specifying the supervision, inspection measures and the legal liability.

This smart and sharing era in mobility is a hot topic, definitely a very important one both for the Chinese five year plan focused on reducing the pollution and traffic, and the people who can profit by amazing and cheapest chances offered by this business.

From a company point of view, during the event, I underlined that the journey from home to work and from work place to home is part of the work safety regulation and so it is a company responsibility to take into very great care.

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