Iwas born on November 13th 1978 in the city of Viareggio, in northernTuscany which is contained within the province of Lucca, Italy. While my mother is originally from the Tuscany region my father is from Abruzzo, the pair first met in the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia as my family on my mothers side ran a very successful food and beverage business in the region while at the same time, my father was also a professional involved in the food and hospitality business, operating as a manager involved in a global chain of hotels.

It was due to this early exposure to the outside world which assisted in providing me with my first international experience as my childhood was spent travelling around the world with my family due to my father’s work commitments, there’s no doubt in my mind that it left a lasting impression upon which would forge the building blocks of the man I would become.

My early educational experience was divided between Tuscany and Abruzzo, however the seeds of my legal studies were sown quite early due to advice given to me by my Grandfather who would say that “If you know the law, nobody can tell you what is right and what is wrong because you can decide for yourself.” My early years were greatly influenced by these words of wisdom, while my friends and classmates would dream of one day becoming footballers or astronauts, my mind was always set on one goal, becoming a well established International Lawyer, travelling around the world and assisting companies in doing business.

Iembarked on my formal legal education in the University of Teramo by completing my Degree in Law, however after receiving my degree I had made a conscious decision to reinvest all of the money made from my graduationin order to further specialize myself and used it to enroll in a Masters Course in the top University in Italy, LUISS in Rome in order to effectively become a Corporate Advisor.

Iarrived on Chinese shores in the year of 2005 as a legal intern with a well established Italian Law Firm but I wasted no time in working my way up the ranks, between studying the Chinese language as well as Chinese Corporate Law in the famous Nanjing University. My efforts were rewarded where I was eventually appointed Managing Partner of the firm. Throughout my time in China, I have also been heavily involved in the activities of the European Chamber of Commerce, specifically in relation to the issues in regards to the international legal services sector in China in order to work towards resolving this situation.

I n the following years, along with the cooperation of a good friend of mine and partner of a thousand battles, I decided to start my own business which has since grown into a multi-million dollar Group of companies which provides full business consultancy services in the areas of Legal, Tax, Finance, Marketing & Events as well as Education to clients in the global marketplace dpgroup.biz. I have set big goals throughout my life and I am still continuously striving to accomplish them. Has it been hard? Of course, but it is important to remember that the first rule shall always be to never give up!