Building the future.

Building the future.

Published on December 16, 2016

Everybody knows I really love my job, no matter how hard it is. Helping companies to build their solid businesses in a foreign country is a great adventure and a serious challenge that I face every day. But last Wednesday, something happened that has nothing related to this business but makes me even prouder of what I do.

On December 14th together with my team, we attended the closing ceremony of the 1 st course “Introduction to Civil and Commercial Law” and the Nanjing University School of Law, giving three scholarships to the top three students of an amazing group that really studied hard our legal system with great results.

In the afternoon,same day, we invited some of the most important Italian companies to introduce themselves to the students of the Nanjing Normal University that are about to graduate next June.

The students can speak very good Italian because they have been studying the language since more than three years and they had the opportunity to have three interviews with the companies that attended the event and, hopefully, they will have the chance to better know the Italian enterprises during an internship.

December 14th 2016£ has been an amazing day because I gave a contribution to the future generations of both students and Italian companies.

I am grateful and honored I had this opportunity.