Published on February 22, 2017

On February, from 5th to 9th, I have been to Brussels with many of my EUCCC colleagues and board members.

It wasn’t the first EU Tour for me – it was the third actually - but I have to admit that the level of the meetings and topics is becoming more and more challenging while the attitude to face them is even more positive than ever.

Never like during this time, I have felt how huge the effort of all the EUCCC is, how important each member’s trust and activity within the Chamber is. As a results, the goals and interests of an entire foreign business community in China have been discussed in any table, any meeting, any single Commission within the EU, the European Parliament and the EU Council, and are getting noticed where things can have a chance to change.

Especially in this moment, dominated by the “Make America Great Again” and the Xi Jinping approach as declared in Davos, many are the priorities and the opportunities for the European Business in China.

From the launch of the study on China 20/25 due to be published on March 7th and 8th to the sharing of data and trends on investments in both China and Europe, to the reciprocity and rule of law, from the tourism – in particular with the new project “2018, the year of Europe-China tourism” – to the CAI Comprehensive Agreement on Investments with a new negotiation due to be this coming spring, up to the food safety and the toys custom controls, 2017 and 2018 are already full of amazing new projects and goals that deserve to be reached and I am proud to be part of the European community that will contribute to make this possible.